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Re: How to create initrd.img to boot LVM-on-RAID0? (SOLVED)

: I'm having the devil of a time trying to boot off
: an  "LVM-on-RAID0" device.
: I've created a software RAID-0, defined a Volume Group on in with
: (currently) a single logical volume, and copied my entire
: installation onto it, modifying the copied fstab to reflect where
: the new "/" is.
: I created a new initrd with:
: mkinitrd --preload raid0  --with=raid0 initrd_raid.img
: Note: the LVM modules are getting included in the initrd "for free"
: because I'm currently running on a non-raid LV-managed file system.
: I added a stanza to grub.conf for the new initrd.img.
: But the thing won't boot. From the boot messages it appears to not
: be starting the array, so when it goes to scan for LVs it doesn't
: find the one that's sitting on top of the array where root lives.
: Are there instructions for how to make this work?  I've googled for
: a couple of hours, tried a bunch of stuff, but can't get it to
: work.  From what I've read I suspect I must hand-tweek the "init"
: file in the initrd.
: Surely there is "a right way" to do this.

Ian Comfort on the linux-raid list provded the "right way":

   mkinitrd --fstab=/newroot/etc/fstab initrd_raid.img

where /newroot is my LVM-on-RAID0 device.

mkinitrd is smart enough to figure out from the fstab entry
what's going on and properly create the initrd.img with the correct
modules, executables, and order of invocation.


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