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Re: Phishing - Linux boxes are vulnerable

On 10/5/07, Claude Jones <cjones levitjames com> wrote:
> "More interesting is that most of the compromised machines were not Windows
> machines. "The vast majority of [the phishing sites] we saw were on
> rootkit-ed Linux boxes, which was rather startling. We expected a
> predominance of Microsoft boxes and that wasn't the case.""
> http://tinyurl.com/36nfsm
> The above comments were made at a MS sponsored conference. MicroSoft has a
> history of sponsoring stuff like this. Even if it was an exaggeration - I've
> never heard of a big problem with Linux boxes getting root-kitted - is it
> something happenning under the radar? I've read over and over that Linux is
> much more secure than it's big counterpart - what sorts of vulnerabilities
> are people opening up to allow Linux machines to be root-kitted? I am aware
> of the ssh problem, and have followed the discussions on locking down ssh for
> years, including the other thread that's running currently. What other sorts
> of things must people do to open themselves up to being rootkitted? This is
> the first time I've seen such a claim, and it took me by surprise...so, I'm
> asking.

When a Windows server is rooted, its the OS/apps that having problems
... when a *Nix server is rooted, its the admin's head that having
problems ..

theres lots of vulnerable Linux servers out there, managed by poorly
skilled admins   - mainly teenagers playing around - ... IMHO
attacking a linux server is more convenient than a windows server ..
bcause stuff can be easily ran without GUI and commands input/output
can go through lots of medium like a simple listening port , to a nice
javascript based web shell ... whereas on windows attacker are usually
stuck with a limited telnet or a VNC .. but if the admin at least
knows some of the security best practices .. Linux is _very_ secure ..

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