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Re: OT (most likely) strange modem disconnection when using USB drives

On Wed, 2007-10-03 at 03:30 +0930, Tim wrote:

> The phone lines a twisted pair of copper to the exchange, all the way,
> still, as far as I'm aware.  I don't think they've updated the wiring
> around here in 40 years.  Grounded at their end, but not at this end.

Bingo! My Step Father, the master electrician, always insisted on
separate earth grounds for computer rooms, at large sites. If your
refrigerator compressor went wonky in the kitchen, you'd have spikes all
through the house, through the common ground. Ground to the earth using
one of those long copper earthing rods, instead of some copper water
pipe, especially the telco line. Cheap and just might work for ya.
Polarity could be a problem as a previous reply noted. In a 40 year old
house, the socket might have been haphazardly replaced in the past. 

Another consideration might be your meter box. Rarely attended to, they
need cleaning about every 8 years or so. That aluminum wiring from the
pole to your meter is probably crusty as heck with oxidation and then
weird stuff around the house starts happening ...usually you'll start
replacing light bulbs like a madman. In some locals the util co. will
clean it for you if you ask. They don't want your house to burn down
either. If it hasn't been cleaned in 10 years, it'll be real gnarly with
large knobs of oxidation on the connecting posts. Make SURE you insist
that the lineman puts paste on the wires. Some are just too lazy to do a
proper job. You cannot afford that. Be assertive. :)  

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