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Re: Positive NYT article about Dell and Ubuntu

Aaron Konstam wrote:
On Fri, 2007-10-05 at 23:49 -0400, Ric Moore wrote:
On Thu, 2007-10-04 at 13:08 +0100, Andy Green wrote:

At this rate it starts to seem, considering that eventually someone I
know will get one of these and expect the level of meddling I can do for
Fedora, that perhaps one can no longer practically avoid getting
experienced with The Debian Way as well as the Redhat Way...
Back when, Esau sold his birthright for some "red meat pottage".
(Gen-25:30-34) I had high hopes that Fedora would be the "Windows
Killer" and that the likes of Dell, Hp, etc. would all be on the
bandwagon. Alas Yoric, it'll be .deb. instead. Ric

I recently put Ubuntu 7.4 on one of my machines in order to see the
Ubuntu (Debian way). Synaptic has some advantages over yum based
installers but all in all using Ubuntu makes me feel like I am in a box.
I am still stuck not being able to add an alternate repository to my
repository list. So far adding software resolves itself to compiling
rather than finding the equivalent binary rpm.
Aaron your NOT a Windows person. A Windows person likes to see a box that already has all he/she will ever want. They want to USE WHAT THEY HAVE. You want to be able to change at will almost anything.


	Karl F. Larsen, AKA K5DI
	Linux User
	#450462   http://counter.li.org.

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