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Re: sound capture on Fedora 7

Andrew Wood wrote:
Recently I've installed Audacity to edit audio captured from my mini-disk. The sound card I have is based on a C-Media CMI8738 chipset. There's only one mic socket on the card so I thought this would be a doddle to sample. ...

It may well this to work, but unless you know what you're doing, you generally don't want to plug anything into the mic input except a microphone.

For a mini-disk player, or any other audio device, you want to use the sound card's "line in" input. There's only one of those as well ;-)

The mic input expects a much smaller signal voltage range and although you can usually adjust the player volume low enough to get the signal down, you're then working in a range that may not be optimal for the player's output electronics.

The player's headphone output and the sound card's "line in" are a better match.


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