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Re: (F7+Gnome) Printing disabled in Evince and OOo

On 10/6/07, Frode Petersen <fropeter online no> wrote:
> I have recently got a problem with printing. In Evince and OOo, the
> Print button in the print dialog is greyed out, so I can't print from
> these apps. It seems as if these apps use the same print dialog(?) so
> maybe there is something wrong with the setup here.
> The other apps I have checked use different dialogs, and they are not
> greyed out. I can also print a test page from the printer administration
> tool. It prints fine.
> I also tried OOo Writer as root; the print button was still greyed out.
> I don't know exactly how long this problem has been present. I did't
> recognise it as a problem before today, thinking that I had stumbled
> over a pdf with printing disabled. (Can't pdfs have such a option set?)
> I don't understand why this happens, and I haven't been able to find the
> reason myself, so I'm hoping that some of you might be able to help.

I have seen similar issue in FC6 when I setup a "raw" printer. there
was some GTK2 related bug. I haven't test this in F7 so I don't know
if it is the same bug. But the way I solve the problem was by changing
the printer to be a postscript printer.

The bug was supposed to be fixed.

> Best regards
> Frode Petersen
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