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Re: Phishing - Linux boxes are vulnerable

> No mater how secure the server, there will always be one idiot who will
> install some script that will get them hijacked.
> Cheers
> Res

In fairness it's not always the host owner's fault.  If they wrote the
code, then yes they created the vulnerability.  But many people will
buy an application from a company.  In those cases the owner of the
domain/site can't be faulted.  He/she purchased an application from a
web developing company.  If your machine gets compromised because of
an undocumented hence unpatched vulnerability in Apache, or SSH, or
whatever, are you the "idiot"?  If we hold you to the same standards
that you are holding these domain owners, then the answer would be

Not trying to be politically correct.  Just playing devil's advocate
to your posting and illustrating the fault in your passing of the

Jacques B.

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