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Rui Miguel Silva Seabra:
>> You can charge for as many copies as you want, as much as you can charge it
>> for. You can also charge 0.

Les Mikesell:
> And so can anyone else, once you have released your first copy, so it is 
> likely that you'll be competing against someone charging 0.

Though, I can't imagine too many providing support for free.  I'd expect
competitors competing on the "free" market to be quite different than
the others.

>> In any of the cases, you can also charge for support.

> Good programs don't need much support - and who is going to buy a bad one?

Is that a rhetorical question?  Millions of Microsoft software users,
perhaps?  ;-)

It's long been said that one reason that different releases of some
software are so radically different from the prior one, and that the
provided documentation is so hopeless, is that it's because the company
wants to make their money from running training courses.

>> But you do not merely "use" libraries, you include them in the program.

> In most cases, the end user supplies his own copy of the library, which 
> he obtained as a standard component of his OS distribtution, so I think 
> the whole concept is on pretty shaky legal ground.

This is the bit, about the computing industry, that I just find
incredibly weird:  A strange use of the term derived.

Yes, if you took someone else's coding and put it *into* your coding, or
put in the essence of how it did its job even if a bit modified, your
work is "derived" from it.

No, if your work communicates with someone else's program, it's not
"derived" from it.  My chair is not "derived" from a screwdriver, even
if one was used to put it together.  Nor is it derived from a table,
even chairs and tables are sold together. 

If you copied someone else's file, and put it into a package with your
own program, that's not "derived," either.  That's a copying issue.

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 important to the thread.)

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