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Re: F7-x86-64 Stopped Booting - GRUB Issue

Raymond C. Rodgers wrote:
Karl Larsen wrote:
It can be the windows boot loader that is having a problem. I have never heard of that boot loader then calling grub.

I can't find the exact page that I found the information on regarding using Window's boot loader to then load GRUB (here are similar instructions to those I found at the time: http://www.linux.com/feature/42788 ) , but I found this on the Fedora Project's web site:


In particular, note the "GRUB as a Secondary Boot Loader" section. Like I stated in my first email, it may simply be time for me to update the boot sector again, but there have been many kernel updates since I last had to do it. (The last time, in fact, was almost immediately after I installed F7 on this machine.)

The bottom line is that I had to set it up this way in order to get Windows XP and Linux to work. Attempting to set up the partitions prior to installation of both, then installing one or other other always failed for one reason or another. Most notably, after installing Linux (with GRUB on the MBR), Windows would no longer boot at all. Using NTLDR to load GRUB was the only way I could find to get the two OSes coexisting on the same hardware.

I think you need to set up the simple grub boot for both Linux and Windows. But first you need to get on your Linux.

Use your rescue mode on the F7 DVD and when up type grub and it will get you into the grub mode. Learn what hard drive you have. If just one then it is in grub-talk (hd 0) and your Linux will be on something like (hd 0,3). Find out which is right.

Now in the grub mode type these:

grub> root (hd 0,3)

grub> setup (hd 0)

If you do not know all this info use fdisk to print out your hard drive.

When I works you will boot up in Linux. Then you can edit /boot/grub/grub.conf to let you boot your windows.

Thank you for giving me the instructions on installing GRUB, but I'm very nervous about disturbing Windows again, and thus having to install two OSes again.


Why did grub not boot both windows and Linux after you loaded Linux? In the load sequence it gets to the grub section and ask's if you want it. Then if yes you set up Linux and windows to be booted. Why did this not work?

You can reload the boot for windows by just running the install CD for winXP. You should not ever lose windows.

Tell us more about your setup. How many hard drives? How did you make partitions? Which partitions do you have now? What are the names of the partitions, like /dev/sda3 and such?


	Karl F. Larsen, AKA K5DI
	Linux User
	#450462   http://counter.li.org.

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