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Re: F7-x86-64 Stopped Booting - GRUB Issue

Raymond C. Rodgers wrote:
Jacques B. wrote:

Are you getting the grub prompt right away, or after selecting it from
the Windows boot loader menu?  If you are getting it right away, then
it would appear that grub has replaced your Windows boot loader (which
is not such a bad thing in the end).  I suspect that is not the case
as you have not indicated that you cannot boot into your Windows
partition, just your Linux one.

If the Windows boot loader is coming up and allowing you to boot into
Windows no problem, but when selecting to boot into Linux you get the
grub prompt, then again the problem lies with grub configuration and
your Windows boot loader IS working properly from the looks of it
contrary to what Karl is suggesting.

It is important to know how your system is booting and where it is
failing.  Any advice without knowing this is potentially erroneous
advice because it may be faulting the wrong thing.

Jacques B.

Windows is booting and functioning as well as Windows can. (Tongue in cheek, but no problems have developed recently, and I am sending these messages from the Windows installation on the problem machine.) The normal Linux boot process was to see the Windows boot menu, select the Linux installation, hit Enter, then see the GRUB splash screen with the countdown timer, which then booted the most recently installed kernel by default. (Which I've seen as normal.) But, what I'm seeing currently on the machine is just after selecting the Linux installation and pressing Enter, are just a black screen, with white text, stating simply "GRUB" in the upper left corner. I wouldn't exactly call it a prompt as there is no indication that it's waiting for any input, and nothing appears when I type. Doing the three fingered salute (control-alt-delete) has no effect, and in order to get the machine to do anything again, you either have to hit the reset button or toggle the power. Well, I take that back, I can play with scroll lock, num lock, and caps lock lights via their respective keys. :-)

Thanks Jacques,

Well this says that grub is not doing what it should. The windows boot does call for a proper linux boot but it is not getting it. So the grub boot needs to be fixed.


	Karl F. Larsen, AKA K5DI
	Linux User
	#450462   http://counter.li.org.

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