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Re: How to apply Apache directives to 'dynamic' HTML?

On Wed, 2007-10-10 at 08:44 +0100, Chris G wrote:
> By default on Fedora 7 the
> apache httpd.conf file has:-
>     AddDefaultCharset UTF-8
> which sets UTF-8 for *everything* served by that apache installation 

Unless countermanded...  I's only a "default."  I certainly get
different character sets if I do the trick where you play with

e.g. testpage.html.iso88591 and I've set a directive so that file
suffixe has meaning.

Or if I override it some other way.

How are you testing?  Some browsers make their own assumptions, and
don't tell you what the server really did send.  I usually do such tests
using:  lynx --head http://www.example.com

(This box runs FC7, my others run FC4, FC5 & FC6, in case that's
 important to the thread.)

Don't send private replies to my address, the mailbox is ignored.
I read messages from the public lists.

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