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Re: 2.6.23 kernel

Scott Henson wrote:
Res wrote:
On Wed, 10 Oct 2007, Rohan Kulkarni wrote:

        I saw on www.kernel.org that the 2.6.23 kernel has been released
but yum update kernel does not update the kernel to that version.When
it be available for Fedora?
Much safer to remove the fedora ones and only use the kernel.org
sources, roll your own, your kernel install will shrink 10 fold and IMHO
performs better as its compiled against your setup.

I thought the entire reason there is no 2.7 kernel is that the
kernel.org people are doing active development on the 2.6 line and that
makes kernel.org kernels a little unstable.  This applies even more so
to freshly released kernels.  I would wait at least for and
even better consider recompiling the current Fedora kernel as it has
many improvements and bug fixes.  IMO, the bleeding edge isn't very fun.

Don't be a wimp! Seriously, if you've got some spare time and a non-critical box, you should build 2.6.23, beat it up, and file bug reports. It's the way we non-kernel-developers can contribute.



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