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Re: OT - Backing up Windows machines

Dave Ihnat wrote:
On Wed, Oct 10, 2007 at 01:38:57PM -0400, aragonx dcsnow com wrote:
So, the question is, what is everyone else using to create images of their

Haven't bothered with images, but I have used CygWin + bash on the
Win box to run MS Backup from an intelligent script to a Samba shared
drive on the Linux box; with the recovery floppy, this has worked.
(Script available on request.)

I've also used EMC (Dantz) Retrospect on the Win box to a Samba share.

If you want this all automated with compression and all duplicate files linked to save space and a nice web interface for browsing and restoring backups, look at http://backuppc.sourceforge.net/. It doesn't do image copies but people have worked out ways to use MS backup for the system state to a file, then back that up with backuppc along with all the data. Backuppc can use tar, rsync or smb to access the targets.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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