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Re: Fedora server

Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> Andy Green wrote:
>> They have unlimited reads... but the number of writes possible before
>> failure is decoupled from the write limitations of the underlying flash
>> cell, it is MUCH larger than the datasheet value for the flash:
>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wear_levelling
> Thanks, that is very interesting.
> I see the dangers of flash,
> but there is something attractive about the idea
> of a tiny computer with no moving parts.

Absolutely!  I installed Fedora on a 4GB flash stick with no HDD and it
is GREAT -- it got a lot greater after I swapped it onto one of these
"dual channel" USB sticks though, on a cheapo 4GB stick it booted and
acted noticeably slower.  This was on a fanless device, so it was 100%
silent, 100% normal Fedora.  You get something over 2GB free on a 4GB
stick after a typical install.

I also use an ARM9 box I designed for a customer with a 1GB USB stick as
my mailserver (postfix + dovecot + gps greylisting + procmail) for about
16 months, that takes ~ 1W (I power it from my firewall USB port) and is
again completely silent.  The same 1GB USB stick has shown no sign of
fatigue after over a year eating 500 - 1000 mails a day, FWIW, formatted


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