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Sandisk Sansa c250

Hello, Everyone
I just purchased a Sandisk Sansa c250.  The only problem is that it is
real picky about id3 tags.  All of my mp3's were recently re-tagged
using Easytag.  The c250 proceeds to lump them all as "Unknown Artist"
and "Unknown Album."  I then figured out that if I remove all the tags,
and just tag the album and the artist thusly:
id3tag -2 --album="Dancing In Jerusalem" --artist="Lamb" *.mp3

that such mp3's are accessible by the Album or the Artist.  Since I
know VERY little about regular expressions and shell scripts, I am
rather unwilling to tag the track names and track numbers with id3tag.
Hence the other problem, using the above referenced mp3's as an example:
The above mp3's sort under "Lamb" as the artist and "Dancing In
Jerusalem" as the album.  But, since I have not set the track numbers,
the mp3's appear to be listed in random order :(  I will set the track
numbers for the above example just for fun to see what happens...  The
result was not good.  The files still sort in random order.

If any of you have had the same issue with this exact same model, or
one made by the same company, I would like to hear your successes and
your failures.

Also, if any of you are using any kind of mp3 player that does not make
you jump through hoops like this just to get your mp3's sorted
correctly, I would like to know that as well.

Thank you,
Steven P. Ulrick

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