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Re: The filename in the CD different in Windows and unix

On Fri, Oct 12, 2007 at 04:59:14AM -0700, jim martin wrote:
> Do u encounter this situation that when u burn a unix installation folder to a CD in Windows ...
> you see the file name is in long formate but when u put the CD in unix.. the file name all being
> shorten

Please don't shorten "you" and capitalize it corretly. As it is it
is harder to read.

> For example you can see EntriQiew_Server_Install.bin in windows inside CD but when u put in the
> unix box it become entriqie.bin even Uppercase change to lower case.

When recording the CD, make sure it has rock-ridge extensions enabled.

Actually, the Joliet extension should be enough, as I guess it was
enable for windows to recognize the long names. I don't know why the
joliet extension isn't recognized by your kernel for that CD, but using
rock-ridge extensions should make it work under Linux/Unix.


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