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Re: [Fedora] semi-OT: easy backup solution for FC5

Peter Horst wrote:
Hi - I'm wondering if there is something in the Fedora/Linux world comparable to the Windows-only Maxtor OneTouch external HD - i.e. a more or less idiot-proof automatic (incremental) backup system. Time is tight right now, but I'm getting really paranoid not having my ~100GB Fedora machine backed up. Any recommendations?
Thanks much -

Well, not exactly like the OneTouch solution, but I can tell you what I do to backup 15 servers every night. I have 1 dedicated machine that's the backup server. It has a large RAID 5 setup in it for data storage. All of the servers will run rsync every night and backup their data to the backup machine. I use a system of hardlinks between backups which allows the snapshots to take little space (compared to the actual one) and it allows me to keep anywhere between 2 to 6 weeks worth of data that way.

When looking at the backup folder for each server, you'll see a folder for each day, daily.01, daily,02, daily.nth. The .01 is the full backup (and the largest folder). The remaining ones are hardlinks to the previous one. If a file gets removed from a server, it will get removed from that night's backup, but not from the previous nights. So I can go back and recover it if needed.

It is fully automated in that all I do is set the scripts and paths, create a crontab and I forget about it. once a week I will log onto the backup server and check the backups, make sure they're still working and that the RAID is healthy. That's it. No hassles, no manual triggering, nothing. Just set and forget,

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