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Re: [Fedora] Re: SELinux Attack!

Karl Larsen wrote:
Sure Andy but I think I just proved SELinux IS the problem and it is a big problem! I did the suggested relabel and rebooted and the computer cam up fast as it should.


I suggested this to Karl, because I had a situation where messing with selinux rpms (i.e., uninstalling/reinstalling) had resulted in cups being disabled. (Everything else worked, apparently.) So don't immediately dismiss Karl's claims...

I can not turn OFF SELinux. I just checked and it is still ON!

So please tell me how to turn it off and I will try to uninstall it.

Edit /etc/selinux/config to disable it.

You can not uninstall it entirely.

selinux has improved dramatically. It used to break everything... but it has matured into a really useful security tool. Personally, I suggest that you leave it enabled, and learn to identify its quirks.

- Mike

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