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Re: Lacie Mobile driver is unknown to Fedora

2007/10/13, Tim <ignored_mailbox yahoo com au>:
> >
> And that's your new drive (unless you happen to have another 80 gig
> drive on your system).  But it's the same /dev/sdb that you showed us
> mentioned in your /var/log/messages file.

yes, it is my new drive.....
> It has a Windows file system set as the partition type, though that
> doesn't also mean that it's been formatted.  That's a separate issue.
> You could have an unformatted drive, you *can* have a partition type
> that's different from the file system its formatted with.  But what I
> think is more likely is that it is formatted, but doesn't have a volume
> name.  Without one, automatic mounting is less likely to occur.  With a
> bit of fiddling about, mtools can be used to name the drive.  Or, a
> simple approach is to plug it into a Windows box, and rename the drive.
> If you're certain that this is your new drive, and it is empty, you
> could use the mkfs command to format the drive and give it a device
> name, at the same time.  An advantage with formatting a new drive is
> that you can use the check feature, to check the drive for errors.  It's
> better to find out if it has any now, than six months later when
> something important disappears.

After this message, I plugged this USB HD to a Window PC: it was not
empty, because I had already loaded some files (MP3) and iw worked
also connected to my car set.
Furthermore it showed up as LACIE (In Windows I mean...), so I think
that I don't to relabel this volume
> Do you want it formatted with a Windows filing system?  It's not the
> best choice if you only use Linux systems.  You can reformat it with a
> Linux file system (e.g. ext3).
> See the man file for the mkfs command, it'll also refer to some other
> related commands for making different types of file systems.  On my
> system, there's at least these ones:
> mkfs         mkfs.ext2    mkfs.msdos   mkfs.vfat
> mkfs.cramfs  mkfs.ext3    mkfs.ntfs
> When you plug in a file with a volume label, you can expect to find it
> mounted inside /mnt, using the volume label as the directory name.
> e.g. /mnt/laciedrive  if "laciedrive" was the label for that drive.
> --
that is the normal operation when I connect an external USB drive .....

Something else has to be investigated.

Antonio Montagnani
Skype : antoniomontag

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