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Re: How to autoload a dvb tuner driver ?

David Timms wrote:
> Hi, I have a dvb card that requires:
> modprobe dvb_bt8xx
> to load the driver.
> I can put this in modprobe.conf, but would it make more sense to get the
>  system to do this without user intervention?
> Should udev rules already be doing this ?
> Are users expected to make the edits ?
> Are such patches applicable to fedora as a distro ? ie would they be
> accepted ?
> Is loading the driver but not wanting to watch TV a resource drain ?
> DaveT.
Normally, modprobe.conf is used when you want to alias a common name
 or device to a specific module. For example, making sure the
correct module is loaded when you try and use eth0. So if you have
it aliased to the correct dvb device, it will get loaded. You can
also make sure it is loaded by creating an entry in

With most hardware, the kernel detects the hardware while booting,
and loads the proper module for it. Then if there should be a /dev
entry for it, udev takes care of creating it. (Network devices
usually do not have a /dev/entry.)

With some hardware, you have to help with the configuration. This
usually happens with sound and video hardware. This is why there are
configuration programs for both of them. (system-config-soundcard
and system-config-display) Depending on your printers, you may also
have to configure them. (CUPS) I don't think there is a
configuration for DVB, but I could be wrong...


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