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Not specifically linux but they do support linux. I got a "broken" 20gb Ipod and got it working. First thing I did was update the firmware to Rockbox so I could use my music collection which is all in Ogg. I had to do the "manual" installation since I was connecting via FireWire instead of USB but I just followed their instructions and everything works great! They even provide a x86_64 bootloader patcher.

I'm having a few issues with Fedora/gnome auto mounting the device but a logout and login seems to be a workaround for now. I get a some sort of error about HAL and permission denied and "Not in this session". Any ideas about this would be greatly appreciated.

It's kinda funny. The Ipod (coming from Apple) are known for their simple intuitive interfaces but with Rockbox I can tune just about everything! And it's still pretty straightforward.


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