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Re: SELinux Attack!

Karl Larsen wrote:

I DID Google dbus and it came up with many but one was interesting to me because it was another user having trouble with SELinux and he found the same problem I have. He said the problem in dbus was fixed in FC6 but is again a problem in F7.

Now. Due to the problem with dbus I can't use SELinux because it uses dbus and has a problem with that. So your wrong with thinking SELinux does not use dbus, It certainly does and that I can prove.

If selinux uses dbus, then that requirement should be shown by rpm, and that's not the case on my RHEL5 clone.

What _is_ likely is that selinux controls things dbus can do (see the selinux policies you have), and it's perfectly possible that there's a problem with an selinux policy that interferes with dbus.



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