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Re: Running Wireless and Wired eth connections at the same time

sam wrote:

I have a laptop that's connected to the 'net via the wireless port. It
works. I also have the eth0 port that I use to connect to another box that's
not connected to the 'net...


   internal box  >>>>laptop >>>>> internet
                   (X)       (Y)

  X - eth0
  Y - ath0

Each of the connections work.

My question, how do I set them up (if possible) so I can have them both
working at the same time. As it is now, it I have them both active, I can
only access the connections to the 1st one that was active..

The nics are on separate IP addresses..

I've been looking high/low to try to figure this out. I need to accomplish
this, as I'd like to update the internal computer with Fedora update rpms
via yum, which requires internet access.

Are you using Network Mangler?

I have not problem, not using it. but I enabled it on my Laptop (openSuSe 10.2) where it's basically broken.



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