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Making SELinux allow access to certain directories


After my box has been rooted, I decided to put more security into it.
After a brand new install and update of F7, I decided to leave SELinux on,
and did the 'autorelabel&reboot' thing to make the whole filesystem work.

But now, I have problems running httpd and smb services. SELinux is
denying access to httpd for the directory /www where html content is
placed, and to smb for the directory /home/arhiva/ which should be shared.

The typical error in /var/log/messages says:

Oct 15 18:42:11 sith setroubleshoot:      SELinux is preventing
/usr/sbin/smbd (swat_t) "getattr" to /home/arhiva (user_home_dir_t).     
For complete SELinux messages. run sealert -l

After I ran the appropriate sealeart command, it told me to try

# restorecon -v /home/arhiva

which didn't solve the problem.

I am a newbie to SELinux, so would prefer not to create local policies
etc. What should I do in order to allow access for a typical service to
typical directory?

Best regards, :-)

Marko Vojinovic
Institute of Physics
University of Belgrade
e-mail: vmarko phy bg ac yu

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