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Re: Grub info stinks

5:40pm Karl Larsen said:

I with John have been looking at both man grub and info grub and they both stink! I think what grub needs is someone to write a man grub that covers all the things you want from grub. It is I think a great boot loader but the guys who wrote the good code are not real good at writing a manual to show others how to use it. It appears that anaconda has been taught to use it well.

So let us write a man page that makes it easy for a human to write a working grub.

Even worse, the Fedora grub packages *out* upstream functionality but leaves the now-bogus documentation in. I'm specifically referring to the missing upstream savedefault/fallback features replaced with an undocumented savedefault --once hack instead. :-(

There's been an open bug on this for a year now:


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