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Re: SELinux last straw

On 17/10/2007, Lamar Owen <lowen pari edu> wrote:
> > I got a selinux update this morning and when I rebooted my computer
> >it took an HOUR! The SELinux that everone says is not the cause of the
> >problem are full of it. The darn thing goes bonkers. I am going to turn
> >it off and it will stay that way forever. I do not need this crap!
> I got an selinux update today, too, on two different F7 machines. One is running in enforcing mode, too. The other is running in permissive. Both have run this way since installation.
> Bootup took the normal time on both machines. SELinux not a problem here. What's different about your machine, Karl? I don't see everyone who downloaded that update clamoring about hour-long bootups, do you? Do you think it might actually be working for everybody else? Like I said, what's different about your machine?

One thing that we know is different about Karl's machine:

it was hacked a few weeks ago due to insecure ssh password. As far as
we know, Karl has not wiped and reinstalled his machine. These SElinux
warnings might well be telling him something very serious indeed.


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