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Re: SELinux last straw

> Next, it is a FACT that if I turn SELinux OFF, all problems go away.

No, it is a FACT that if you turn SELinux OFF, you do not see any
problems. They may still exist.  But you've removed the one thing that
was alerting you to the problem.

Nobody is saying with conviction that you are 100% wrong in some of
your conclusions.  We are saying that you cannot assert with 100%
confidence based on what you've told us that SELinux is the root cause
of your problems.  That it is a problem at all.  It may just be a
symptom manifesting itself as a result of an underlying problem.  One
that remains there after you've removed possibly the only thing that
alerts you to the underlying problem.

> I have it turned on there is no problem at all except when I get a
> update to SELinux. This triggers the problem. I do not want to live in
> fear of another SELinux update :-)
>         Karl F. Larsen, AKA K5DI

Great.  Nobody is trying to convince you that you /must/ use it.  Most
everybody is trying to convince you that you are casting blame on it
when it may simply be a symptom of a greater root problem caused by
something totally unrelated to SELinux.  If what you were experiencing
was reproduceable and being experienced by /many/ others then it would
have some merit.

Disable SELinux and happy trails.  Life goes on.

If you heed some of the warnings re-echoed in this thread about that
hacking incident then you'll wipe your system and re-install.  A day
or two of your time is much less work and much less $$ than weeks or
months fighing with the credit bureaus trying to clear up your name
because an ID thief who hacked your system still has access to it and
is using your personal information for credit applications.  Or much
less work and much less $$ than having to defend yourself when the
police come knocking at your door because your system was used to hack
into DND, or used to host child pornography.

If you don't want to heed the warnings, rather choosing to trust your
abilities to properly detect and remove all hacker inserted
malware/vulnerabilities on your computer, your perogative as Britney
Spears says.

Disable SELinux so your problems go away.  Your SELinux problems go
away hence you no longer post SELinux "problems" to the list.
Win-win.  Happy trails.

Time ot move on to other issues...

Jacques B.

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