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Re: SELinux last straw

Jacques B. wrote:
SELinux may
APPEAR to be the root cause of all your problems.  But it may only be
part of a chain reaction rooted somewhere else on your system.
SELinux may not be the cause, but perhaps the messenger, the visual
cue, the "chain" that you've now developed tunnel vision for and blame
for everything.

Turn off SELinux and you may actually be simply medicating the
symptoms, not treating the root cause.

Yes, but there doesn't seem to be an exact science here, with weekly updates being needed that break some things for some people...

I think there is a good argument for understanding and using the simple traditional unix security mechanisms that have served well for the last 30 years until SELinux is stabilized to a point that it doesn't cause surprises - especially if you run things that aren't included in the distribution.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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