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Re: SELinux last straw

> I'll stop it when there is a methodology for someone to solve the kind
> of problem that Karl reports.

> --
>    Les Mikesell
>     lesmikesell gmail com
Have you not been following the threads on this?

1 - People have suggested things to try.  Only to be told that he was
certain it was SELinux because the problem disappeared when he turned
it off.  End of discussion - start of a volley of arguments between
the OP and many others.  This behaviour is not new for the OP.  We've
experienced that in other threads.

2 - His system was compromised (unlawful access via ssh) yet as far as
we know from his postings he did not wipe the system and re-install.
He simply disabled ssh to prevent further intrusions via same.

3 - How can you effectively troubleshoot an existing problem when a
past one was not dealt in such a manner as to ensure that it was
corrected (the intrusion incident being the most notable one but I'm
sure others on the list could identify other past issues that were
potentially not dealt with adequately based on what was posted in
those threads).  The existing problem could be a domino effect from a
past problem and may never be properly dealt with until the underlying
issue is dealt with.

Jacques B.

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