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Re: GRUB Question

Aaron Konstam wrote:
On Tue, 2007-10-16 at 17:00 -0500, John Pierce wrote:
    Well first read man grub or info grub on your F7 working computer.
I did, and I am able to boot the installed kernel

Learn how to write a section on your existing grub.conf in /boot/grub/
that will boot your F8. It is like the ones you have now but with
different root and boot. You can get the right stuff from the F8 grub.conf.

I did not see anything that would just boot the grub from sdb, I would
prefer to do this so that when mandriva updates it's kernel I do not
have to manually edit the grub of my fedora installation.

Well you raise an interesting question. Let me go out on a limb. If the
grub.conf that is active is really on sda, but the /etc/grub.conf on sdb
is really a soft link to the /boot/grub.conf on sda, I can't see why an
update of the kernel when you are running the operating system on sdb
would n not correctly update grub.conf.

Despite RH, the correct name (as defined by grub's author) for grub's menu is menu.lst, and it's generally found at /boot/grub/menu.lst - even on RH systems.

menu.lst isn't really shareable between different installations of Linux, and while it might work sometimes, the results ar unreliable: just imagine RHEL5 WS and RHEL Server sharing /boot.

Note that /etc/grub.conf is a symlink to the real menu and the real menu is usually on another filesystem.



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