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Re: SELinux last straw

On Wed, 2007-10-17 at 11:57 -0700, Alan M. Evans wrote:
> The term "hacking" has been used for what geeks call
> "cracking" for a very long time. I recall hearing it used that way
> when
> I was in high school over twenty years ago.
> Language evolves. Live with it. 

Or, maybe you are suggesting to 'die with it'? A tag is a tag of a
concept about a living process. This process gets defaced, you become
another one, and hence you die as yourself.

It was not just uneducated journalists that did it unknowingly. Market
forces wanted it that way. It was a deliberate deconstruction that
cracked (not hacked) the word 'hack' into a concept of 'crack'. It was
no evolution. 

Being relaxed is not being callous. It needed a conscious effort to
change the tag 'nigger' back into what it should be. Living with the
language would just have never done it. 

With regards to a good hacker (as reading your regular mails to this
list suggests)


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