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Re: Proposing a new mailing list

Craig White wrote:
On Wed, 2007-10-17 at 20:41 -0400, Alfredo Perez wrote:

I would like to have a fedora mailing list only for a server
installation type of issues. I went through the mailing list of fedora
and I don't see something close to that.
many of us would call that the CentOS list ;-)

if it's not CentOS binaries (or maybe CentOS source) I wouldn't dare ask there;-)

For RHEL clones though, I am game to ask on the appropriate RHEL list, making it clear it's -clone.

I have previously irked some by describing Fedora as a rolling beta. I stand by that, and I would not counsel its use on servers for anything serious, like running your business.

If you've informed yourself of the likelihood of an update fouling your nest and you can live with that, then fine. Machines that matter most to me run a RHEL-clone.

RHEL can have the same sorts of problems, but it's far less likely.

For those brave enough to run a Fedora server? It's still new technology, I think it best to stay on the one list.

OTOH if someone suggests a new list for each release of Fedora, I'm for that:-)



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