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Re: Openoffice

On Thu, Oct 18, 2007 at 12:26:02PM -0400, Miner, Jonathan W (CSC) (US SSA) wrote:
> > The font in openoffice is very small.
> As in too small to see? I've seen this with documents that I import
> from other people. Appears to be related to the document specified
> fonts not existing within Openoffice.
> > Where do I find the font setting for openoffice.
> My resolution is usually to do "Edit->Select All", then use the drop
> down menu to change to an Openoffice recognized font. I've never
> checked to see what MS-Office does if I bring the document back over
> to a Windows machine.

If the document originated on a Windows machine, it is probably set in
MS fonts, e.g. Times New Roman. To get those, install msttcorefonts,

yum install msttcorefonts


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