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Re: NoMachines client access to Gnome on F7 (Alex)

On 10/18/07, Tim wrote:
> On Tue, 2007-10-16 at 17:46 -0700, J. Alex Aycinena wrote:
> > Also, from the Vista machine, I can reference my F7 box by either its
> > IP address or its name (with ping, for example, or using the NX
> > client); either works. However, from the F7 box, or from another FC6
> > box, I seem to only be able to use IP addresses; neither seems to
> > recognize names other than their own. The 2 Fedora boxes and the Vista
> > machine are all connected to a router and get assigned their IP
> > addresses from the router. Why can the Vista machine see the names of
> > the Fedora boxes but the Fedora machines can't resolve any names? Can
> > they be configured somehow to get name resolution from the router? Or
> > is there a better approach?
> There's a chance that the Windows boxes are using Windows networking to
> work out name resolution.  What you need is to have DHCP and DNS servers
> tied together.  Some routers do not do that, but you haven't told us
> which model.  If yours cannot do that, you can shift the DHCP and DNS
> serving role off the router to a computer.
> --
> [tim bigblack ~]$ uname -ipr
> i686 i386
The router is a Linksys NR041. When looking at its DHCP Client Table,
all the machines, Windows and Fedora, have their proper names shown,
so the Fedora machines seem to be forwarding their names to the router
properly when they get their IP addresses. I can't see anything in the
documentation that came with the router, nor the website, to indicate
whether or not it can function as a DNS.

Because the router is the only device that is reliably turned on on
the network when any particular computer is turned on, I would prefer
to have it play the DHCP and DNS role rather than any of the
computers. Also because of laptops and occassional guest computers on
the LAN, I don't want to use fixed IP addresses (1 Vista desktop, 1
Vista laptop, occasionally a couple of other Windows machines, 1 to 3
Fedora desktops - typically from 0 to 4 machines turned on at any

Do you know how to indicate to the Fedora boxes that the router is the
DNS? Perhaps I don't have that configured right; I could just try that
and see if it works.

If after trying that it doesn't work (that is the router fails to work
as a DNS) then is it possible to have the router continue functioning
as the DHCP and set up the F7 box as a local DNS for the LAN (although
I'm not sure how it could get its information to do that)?

I guess a third option is to try and get the Fedora boxes to get the
name resolution however the Vista machine is doing it (you guessed
perhaps using Windows networking). Can this be done using Samba and
then somehow making the information available to the native Linux
mechanisms so that you could successfully ping the Vista machine from
the Fedora machine using its name?

Appreciate any feedback. Alex

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