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Re: Grub Manual

> > And you and others keep thinking there is just one root directory in your computer. I removed the boot directory from the main root and put it in a whole new partition. Now this whole new partition also has a root directory. Guess where the files are located?
> >
>         Karl F. Larsen, AKA K5DI

Karl, all your partitions are at the root if you use that definition.
Your /home according to how yours is set up is therefore at the root
as well because it's on its own partition.  It's where it gets mounted
that decides if it's root or not.  Its mount point is /boot, hence not
at root (/).  The mount point of your home partition is at /home hence
not at root.

Go ahead and try and configure your system so that your boot partition
gets mounted at root (/).  See if your system boots after that.  It's
not at the root.

It's been suggested before.  Start a blog.  Post your tips/tricks
there.  If someone asks a question on the list that pertains to
something you have there then you can answer by providing them with a
link to your blog.  That way you do not post these unsolicited
"guides" (like you did with dd as well).  That is not the purpose of a

Start that blog and then you have a suitable place for all those
guides.  The list members are also happy because no unsolicited
"guides" or discussion about your new computer (not a question about
F7 compatibility with a particular piece of hardware - simply
providing list members with a window into your life) make their way to
the list.

The request is reasonable, in keeping with being a good member of the
list, and provides you with a suitable home for your writings.

If you don't know how to create one I can guarantee that some on this
do know how and can provide you with assistance.

Please don't post an updated guide on grub with the corrected info.
It does not belong on the list.  Post it to your new blog.

Jacques B.

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