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Re: Grub Manual

Jacques B. wrote:

Karl, all your partitions are at the root if you use that definition.
Your /home according to how yours is set up is therefore at the root
as well because it's on its own partition.  It's where it gets mounted
that decides if it's root or not.  Its mount point is /boot, hence not
at root (/).  The mount point of your home partition is at /home hence
not at root.

One must be careful of what terms mean.

"root" ("/") can mean two different things.

In a running system, it's the base of the mounted filesystem.

In a partition, it's the base of the partition. For the root filesystem, and only for the root filesystem, they're the same.

grub, the boot loader, does not deal in mounted filesystems, it only looks at a single filesystem, typically but not necessarily, in a partition.

How about you print this before commenting further? http://www.gnu.org/software/grub/manual/grub.ps.gz

One of the better things about GNU's documentation is that the same files that create the info files can also create postscript and PDF files.



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