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Re: Grub Manual

On 10/19/07, Robert P. J. Day <rpjday crashcourse ca> wrote:
> On Fri, 19 Oct 2007, Lamar Owen wrote:
> > Karl was indeed using the correct meaning of root in that context,
> ...
> no, lamar, he wasn't.  which makes the rest of your argument quite
> irrelevant.   but thanks for playing.
> rday
>From Karl's original posting:

"Notice kernel and initrd and see they are just written as, for
example kernel /vmlinuz... This means the two files are in the root

Although pretty close, it is not entirely correct use of the term.
More accurately it should have read that the two files were at the
root of the partition (boot) mounted by grub.

Splitting hairs?  Not really.  The "root directory" (terminology used
by Karl) to most would be /root on a running Linux system.  That term
is not present in any official grub documentation or other
authoritative documentation that I read (such as the link to RH that I
provided which explains the confusion most experience with the term
root when used within the grub environment - remember I acknowledged
that as a result of reading the RH explanation I conceded that Karl
was not entirely wrong and publicly apologized to Karl while pointing
out that he was right not through proper knowledge of the topic but
more by accident).

As for Karl's knowledge/expertise and accomplishments in other areas,
I don't doubt it.  It has never been discussed because it is
ultimately not relevant.  Because that does not automatically make him
knowledgeable or an expert in the topics he is discussing on this
list.  I have my area of expertise.  Auto mechanics is not it.  I
can't go on such a listserv and attempt to speak as an expert or a
person of knowledge simply because I possess that level of expertise
in another field.  Surely you cannot disagree that he has posted some
misinformations at times (never willingly - nobody ever suggested
that) and resisted corrections by individuals more knowledgeable on
those topics.

Jacques B.

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