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Re: KDE confusion under F7

Kevin Kofler wrote:
John Summerfield <debian <at> herakles.homelinux.org> writes:
Where were you when NULL came out?

Do we really have to rehash RH8 here now? As I said, this history lesson is entirely irrelevant to current Fedora.

It's the source of the so-called rumours, so it's relevant to my point. (NULL and LIMBO were the RHL8 betas).

But if you really want to know: I actually went from RHL 7.3 straight to FC1. At that point there had been lots of flames about Bluecurve, so I wasn't sure what was awaiting me. I decided to just try it out, and liked it, to the point where I'm still using it now in Fedora 7 and even ported it to Qt 4.

Obviously there were people who liked it, but there were lots who went elsewhere when I did.

I installed it with KDE and Gnome, and found I had to look closely to tell the difference.

I know what you're talking about there, I've seen the screenshots and to some

And that's my point.

extent it was still like that in FC1 (though these customizations were already

which goes to explain why it wasn't as bad as I remembered when I tried (and used) FC3.

on their way back out, the similarity was higher in RHL 8 and 9). I don't really see the problem there, it was just a matter of default settings. Mainly just how the taskbar and menu were set up. That said, Red Hat quickly figured out that this amount of consistency wasn't actually necessary because a desktop is only running either GNOME or KDE on the same screen at the same time, so they gradually removed those customizations in Fedora. The default settings for both KDE and GNOME in Fedora 7 look like a lot more like the respective upstream defaults than like each other.

When one is installing and using lots of systems, fixing them all becomes tedious.

It was the immediate cause of my not upgrading past RHL 7.3, and a very talented and all-round good gent, Bero, left RH over it. He was responsible for KDE, he had his own website of extras for KDE (including advocacy stuff),it was he who added DVD burning to cdrecord, and I think it was he who made the first rescue disks.

It was sad to see Bero go indeed. He was doing a lot of stuff, he also did much of the GCC 2.96 work (another endless source of flames, but in that case he was

and much misinformation from folks such as those at MySQL.



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