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Re: Grub Manual ... Solved

on 10/19/2007 8:52 PM, Gene Heskett wrote:
> On Friday 19 October 2007, Karl Larsen wrote:
>>    I have put the new part of my overall grub writing on this list and
>> got complete quiet from the group. I ask you to read it again. The
>> definition of a root directory has been tested and it is right.
> Frankly, I tried to read it, and never saw such a miss-understood writing, so 
> much so that I didn't feel it was worth a reply, and I doubt that anyone else 
> did either.  I would not contaminate my thinking with that.
>>    So onward and up. I want to write down exactly how you start one
>> grub with another. It is doable but the stuff in info grub is not
>> correct! I will prove that soon.
> Prove it all you want, but please do it to yourself.  The rest of us are 
> welcome to ignore you, and will.  Until you have a basic understanding of 
> what grub is doing, please don't confuse the issue.  Newbies to this list 
> have no way of filtering your spew of miss-information, making it doubly 
> harder for them to 'get it right'.

The one truly good thing about the Fedora list(s) is that, for the
Newbies, they are hard to search. It makes the 'wrong answer/information'
harder to find.

I wonder what the catastrophe will be next time?  ;-)

Karl? Seriously. Lists are not made for the way that you are using this one.

Please do get the blog. Post the URL here and post your manuals there.
Post them as how-to's and 'help me's'. Let others help you with the
information and composition. I am sure that you will get the help and
encouragement. That way you can have fun and help other Linux users at the
same time. It would be a good thing to do. IMHO.



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