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Re: Grub Manual

>> NO!  What drive letter will my second partition be today?  Will it be
>> "d" (as I'd like), or "e" (because there's a CD-ROM)?  Will it be "f"
>> because I plugged in another drive, even though I plugged it in later in
>> the chain.
>> Likewise for booting from a CD.  After doing so, the drive letters can
>> re-arrange, especially if the CD installed some pseudo device.
>> It's that sort of crap (shuffling positions) that made me dispair of the
>> decision to make all Linux hard drives /dev/sd<something>.

David Boles:
> Never really tried to get 'into' the Windows that you were using did you?
> The CD drive's letter can be assigned anything that you wanted it to be,
> say, Z, and it would never change.

Yes, you could change the CD, but hard drive letters were another
matter.  Later releases did let you pick what you wanted.  But, if you
hadn't preset things, it was apt to change letters around if you added
or removed drives.

> The A, B, C, stuff comes from DOS and early computers. It really has
> nothing to do with Windows. Microsoft just followed the path same as the
> others.

May well be, but that was how it behaved.

> You have got to be talking Windows circa 98 times. It has not been like
> you describe since 2000 or so.

Nup, watched that malarkey happen on a friend's Windows 2000 and XP

(This computer runs FC7, my others run FC4, FC5 & FC6, in case that's
 important to the thread.)

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