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Re: Experiencing the Grub Error 17

On 10/23/07, Michael Schwendt <mschwendt gmail com> wrote:
> > But just looking through this
> > thread, I think you've tangled yourself in a knot.
> Well, too many rushed changes to the system.
> In general, partition labels are _good_, but only as long as you don't
> mix them with partition device names in ambiguous ways. If the /boot
> partition is labelled "/boot", then *always* mount the partition via
> this label. Only use the underlying partition device name (e.g.
> /dev/sda2) when you are sure it is exactly the same partition as the
> one with the label "/boot". Else you increase the risk that you work
> on different partitions.

Thanks to all who have generously help me! Now, my system is working,
but still with the grub prompt when booting. The wise thing to do
would be a clean install of F7, but the installation dvd contains a
buggy kernel, and it does not boot here. Then, I will wait for F8.
Until F8 is release, I will have to live with the annoying grub

I have learned really a lot from you and from my adventures regarding
the tentative transplant of a running Linux system into a different
hard disk.


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