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Re: New modem and iptables...

2007/10/24, John Summerfield <debian herakles homelinux org>:
> Antonio wrote:
> >
> > Now I am using PPoE because I suceeded to change setting on the modem
> > (using M$ Explorer, I don't know why but Save and Reboot doesn't work
> > in Firefox!!!).
> I've configured several Dlink (and other) devices using
> Mozilla/Seamonkey/Firefox/Konquerer without problems, going back to my
> aged dsl-300 - which IS a modem.
> I don't dispute your problem, but it's not typical.

Seamonkey has the same problem of Firefox, when you have finished to
configure device and you try to Save and Reboot, nothing happens,
Konqueror too. And I don't know why......

> If you'd set it straight to bridging, it would almost certainly have
> been a drop-in replacement, with nothing to change.

I have not been very clear: when you open the box, it is not in bridge
mode, so it is not a simple replacement....and I didn't find anything
on the manual, but I am not sure to have rad a single page of it :-)

> Is your system working to your satisfaction now? I don't think I've seen
> a solution to the original question, but if you're happy with how it's
> working now, ....
Yes, it is working fine now
Antonio Montagnani
Skype : antoniomontag

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