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Top Posting Question

Dear List,

Given that the preference on this list is trimming and bottom/mid-posting, and that Thunderbird is one of the principle mail agents used in the Fedora and Linux world, why does it always open incoming emails at the top, and compose new emails with the cursor at the top immediately ready to top-post? Moreover, thunderbird appears to have no user options to bottom post and view emails from the bottom (or Usenet articles either).

I am trying to persuade a colleague of the evil of top-posting and he has just beaten me up on exactly this point - *if* the Linux community is to keen to discourage bottom posting, why don't the standard tools work that way. I was flabbergasted to find that he was right. Why doesn't thunderbird open at the bottom by default, with a user-option to open at the top if you really want to ?


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