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Re: hitch installing 7 from http

Art Gibbens wrote:

I've run into a hitch trying to install Fedora 7 on to an old Gateway P2 266
machine with only 128 Megs of RAM. I've tried installing from a live CD
(even though documentation says you need 192 Megs of RAM) and it just crawls
to a halt. So, I start the install again with a boot CD and I get the nice
familiar 16 color interactive GUI screens for doing the install. The hitch
is this, whenever you try to use the http method (or ftp for that matter)
you are asked to provide the URL for the website and then the folder path
for the os folder to get to the image files. The problem is this - it
doesn't seem to matter what you type in either line, by default the program
inserts a forward slash at the end of the first line and at the beginning of
the second line causing an error to come back saying that it is unable to
retrieve the minstg2.img image file. Now, I could be typing incorrectly, but
I've tried every combination I can thing of on three different mirrors and I
cannot get it to go. Anybody got any thoughts out there on either coaxing
the live CD to go with only 128 Megs of RAM or getting the http method to go
past the error?

I think you're pissing into the wind. FC3 in 128 Mbytes was problematic.

The ways to reduce memory consumption are
1. Use a text install
2. Install from mountable media: CD, USB or nfs. Otherwise, you need RAM for stage2.
3. Probably, choose as few packages as possible.

Even then, you're likely to get wet.

I think a GUI in 128 Mb install did not work as far back as RHL 7.3.

If you can't add RAM, and you really want to use this system. Debian's probably your best bet.



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