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Re: Bug report

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Karl Larsen wrote:
>    I said that a bug report would be sent regarding the new F7
> moving partition designators. This is it:
> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=352181

(1)  This really needs to be filed under grub or the kernel.
(2)  This really is NOT A BUG.

Grub, Lilo and any other boot-loader operates at the lowest level; so,
device names mean very little.
As such, the devices are treated at the lowest level possible.
/dev/hda1 or event /dev/sda1 as parameters get passed to the booting
kernel so the kernel knows the boot device and which partition to
consider as the root.  I believe this may be where you may be getting
a bit confused.
The kernel is also ever changing to support new hardware.... as such,
device names may change to more suite the situation and naming
convention.  /dev/sdxx are usually reserved for SCSI devices the newer
hard drives out conform more as a SCSI serial device so the kernel
people have currently stuffed them in this category.  Not saying they
are WRONG or RIGHT about this, just that everyone could not come up
with a better place.  /dev/hdxx are reserved for IDE devices...  which
the newer drives don't really fit well into.
Grub, Lilo and the others are taking the BIOS's usage for the drive at
boot.  Most OS's don't support directly booting from SATA hard drives
directly; so the BIOS temporarily emulates an IDE interface to boot
the OS.  Then it is up to the OS to change this to the required behavior.

It really is an inconstancy that can not be avoided without causing
terrible harm for all those not using the latest technology.

- -James
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