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Re: How Can I Tell?

All the systems dealing with X went through a major change from FC6 to F7 courtesy of X.org.  xorg.conf became much smaller and a lot of the structure went away with the system attempting to do more auto sensing of system parameters.  The modeline seems to be completely ignored.  My legacy NVIDIA card was almost unusable with the nv driver although with xvidtune I could get a decent display.  Trying to put the parameters in xorg.conf for the next boot did not work.

The drivers from NVIDIA work well for me.  I don't have the patience to wait for livna to update the drivers after a kernel change.

Rawhide has a change from X.org that broke the driver I was using but NVIDIA had an updated driver almost immediately that works well.  So F8 will require that update.

Robert McBroom

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