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Re: Bug report

James Kosin wrote:
> The kernel is also ever changing to support new hardware.... as such,
> device names may change to more suite the situation and naming
> convention.  /dev/sdxx are usually reserved for SCSI devices the newer
> hard drives out conform more as a SCSI serial device so the kernel
> people have currently stuffed them in this category.  Not saying they
> are WRONG or RIGHT about this, just that everyone could not come up
> with a better place.  /dev/hdxx are reserved for IDE devices...  which
> the newer drives don't really fit well into.
With the new drivers, as are used in F7, there are no longer hdxx
devices for PIDE device. All IDE drives are now handled as SCSI
devices as well. I use SCSI devices instead of SCSI drives, because
different classes of devices are handled by different high level
drivers, so, for example, a IDE CD/DVD drive becomes scdx, and IDE
tape drives are stx and nstx. (I have not looked to see how MFM and
RLL drives are handled, or even if they are still supported.)


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