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Re: Clipboard behavior

Doug Wyatt wrote:
Duane Clark wrote:
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Is there something in a normal stock Fedora 7 system that messes with the clipboard? I have a program (nedit) that often puts out messages saying that it cannot copy anything to the clipboard because it is locked. I have been using nedit on redhat 6-9 and FC4, and have never seen that message on any of those systems.

This is with nedit compiled against lesstif. On all the previous OS versions, I compiled against the real motif. However, when I compile nedit against openmotif on F7, attempting to copy causes nedit to crash, so that is even worse than occasionally getting a locked clipboard.

Perhaps there is something that has changed in the X server, because if I login to the FC4 system remotely from my F7 system, and run nedit, then I get the same symptoms. That is, an nedit which is compiled against openmotif on FC4 and which works fine when run locally on FC4, will crash when running remotely on the F7 server when attempting to copy.

By the way, copy/paste with the mouse select/middle button works fine, and never complains of a locked clipboard.

Does the version of nedit taken from an F7 repository have the
same problems?

I don't actually know. In fact, I had not realized it was there - I am so accustomed to having to compile it. I'll use that version for a few days and see what happens (I have not yet figured out what triggers the locked clipboard behavior; it only happens occasionally).

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