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Re: Clipboard behavior

Duane Clark wrote:
Doug Wyatt wrote:
Does the version of nedit taken from an F7 repository have the
same problems?

I don't actually know. In fact, I had not realized it was there - I am so accustomed to having to compile it. I'll use that version for a few days and see what happens (I have not yet figured out what triggers the locked clipboard behavior; it only happens occasionally).

Oops, after using that version, I realized I had tried it, and why I abandoned it and compiled my own ;)

On the version of nedit that comes with F7, using the mouse scroll wheel in the file selection dialog does not work. A click of the scroll wheel scrolls one "page" plus one line, making it unusable for those of us that have become dependent on the mouse scroll wheel.

By the way, I posted a fix for this problem:

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