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Re: Excessive bounces on this list

>> About your only recourse for the second reason (it's the ISP), is to
>> change where you receive your mail.  Sign up for another mail account,
>> somewhere, and use that for receiving list mail.  Otherwise, you'd
>> have to try and convince your ISP to lift their game (good luck with that).

Simon Slater:
> 	Another half an hour on their queue!  Anyone recommend a good ISP in
> Australia?  We are currently thinking about going ADSL since it is now
> available where we are.  A plan including 10 email adresses and enough
> download for Fedora ISOs would be great.  I would like to get into
> testing new releases.

To be honest, go for a mail service outside of your ISP.  They're often
better, as that's all that they do, and you don't have to lose an email
address you want to keep if your ISP sucks.

Having said that, Internode gets good comments from those that I know
that use it.  Adam seemed to have POP3 mail servers that stop working
throughout the day, over and over, though I haven't seen that error
message in the fetchmail information for a while, and everything else
about them seems okay.  Optus is forever getting black banned across the
world for doing sweet-Fanny-Adams to control spammers in their midst (so
mail sent through their SMTP servers often disappears into a black
hole), which is really crap considering that they're a major backbone
for the whole country, and behind many smaller ISPs who really just
resell Optus services under their own names.  Both Telstra and Optus
have a reputation for refusing to admit when they have service problems,
telling you that it's your fault (standard advice is "reinstall your
Windows TCP/IP software or reconfigure it"), but when you finally get
back on, however you manage to do so, you'd find their own news groups
had quite a number of messages from other users about the same thing (so
clearly the ISP did have faults).  I've heard mixed reports about
Chariot (being fair to okay, but I haven't heard about them being awful
for a number of years).  Ihug was always shocking (large delays in
resolving names, no route between you and the remote side, their
satellite going down, and they try to make you pay for an extra month
when you tell them you're dropping them).  And I can't recall the
reports about any other ISPs.

But you really should have said what state you are in.  Even ISPs that
are across the country can be different in different states.

If you're contemplating ADSL, have a look at the Whirlpool forums.
Though, be warned, like all web forums it's a mess of things to look

(This computer runs FC7, my others run FC4, FC5 & FC6, in case that's
 important to the thread.)

Don't send private replies to my address, the mailbox is ignored.
I read messages from the public lists.

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